And so it begins….

garb(e) \ gärb\ noun  1. obsolete: fashion, manner  2. a: a style of apparel  b: outward form : appearance

Origin:  Middle French or Old Italian; Middle French garbe graceful contour, grace, from Old Italian garbo grace.

First use: 1599

garb transitive verb: to cover with or as if with clothing  First use: 1846

Apparel, array, attire, bedeck, costume, clothe, invest and robe are just a few of the words we use to describe the  activity we undertake every day (unless we style  ourselves ‘naturalists’ the latest euphemism for nudist).  What we wear is a simple way to express oneself without lifelong commitment to any one image.  I have ever been a bit envious of those who had a singular style;  in my mind they never stand in front of the closet jammed with a rainbow assortment of skirts, vests, jackets, pants, dresses in various lengths and weights and agonize about what to wear, having nothing just right to wear.

That dilemma grew and became a further complication for me in my what-to-wear quest fourteen years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a modified radical mastectomy.  Suddenly I was no longer bilaterally symmetrical and my clothes hung differently.

The ironic part is that I’d only just started feeling comfortable with my boobs and then The Highlander, as I called my surgeon, lopped one off.  (‘There shall be only one!’)

The fortunate part is that having developed a fashion maven demeanour and a clotheshorse propensity I have always made most of my clothes.  This blog will, I hope, explore my journey to design for  the one-breasted figure, consider what makes a woman womanly and hopefully be an example of one who is comfortable in her own body.  I feel that the Amazon Warrior Look can be a powerful statement of triumph over tribulation.  (Legend has it that the Amazons cut off the breast on their dominant hand side to better handle their bows.)

And so it begins……..


One response to “And so it begins….

  1. I hope all the goddesses who’ve undergone mastectomies will come upon this blog. It’s more than refreshing to read the words of someone who has truly transcended their circumstances and is offering ideas and inspiration to their readers. Thanks you!

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