Garbe or gar be, either…….BOTH!

Epiphanies are fun!  They are happy brainstorms that arrive in a synaptic whirlwind, shake up the branches of your preconceived notions and deliver a happy, sparkly dose of synchronicity  and leave a trail of great ideas and an energized gob-smacked person in their wake.

I love it when I have an epiphany.  This blog is one.  I’ve ruminated about ways to translate what I’m really good at (sewing and design, constellating groups, having fun and finding the fun in everything, story-telling, teaching) into the way I earn a living.  As I was on my way back to Maine from Ontario it came to me:  I could write about my experiences with life in general and about my experiences with cancer and my renaissance bent in particular and that perhaps will resonate with others and begin a dialogue.

I stopped for a couple of days to visit with my friend since first grade, Apple who is a member of the Buffalo Mountain Coop and has her own hand analysis and life coaching business, Hand Wisdom.  It was a good opportunity to bounce some ideas  since she’s a sole proprietor business person and has been doing this a bit longer than I.

The idea to blog was immediately followed by questions like how? and what to call it?  Words are important and have  meaning and power so the right words to start were also important.  Since my focus is on fashion and breast cancer and how beauty is found in all forms I thought of goddessgarb at first ( my designs have been called that at times) but it was taken.

Then I decided, garb the goddess, as in clothe the goddess in all of us.  I liked the way the Old French looked  and ‘garbe the goddess’ is more active so garbethegoddess became the title.  Then as I was explaining to a friend what the blog site was it was easier to say,’gar be the goddess.’  Gar, as I discovered was a euphemism for God from 1598, so God be the goddess is also fitting in it’s way.

Still, I’m clothing the goddess here, in flowing silks like a gentle day, intending to be ornamental for a bit, by gar.


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