Accessing my inner geek

I’ve become an avowed Mac user and I’ve been heard to say,”once you go Mac you never go back.”   Well, for the last two days I’ve been geeking out on my computer.  I decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard so I cleaned up the hard drive on my Macbook Pro, erased one of my backups and made a fresh backup in case anything went wrong.  I was prepared to do a clean install: wipe the hard drive, install the new OS and then add my stuff from my backup.  I didn’t want to and luckily the install on top of the Leopard OS went smoothly so I didn’t have to.  The whole thing did take most of the day including a big update after the install so I watched Eureka on Netfix on my IPod Touch.  I know, weird and way too gadget orientated but I can play Words With Friends at the same time and improve my mind.

All this is part of inventory month.  (I started out thinking it was inventory couple of days, then inventory week and now this taking stock activity is looking like the better part of the month.  It would not be so bad if I was not so easily distracted, but more on that in another post.)  I still have my old PC that I kept around in case.  I thought my brother might like it but he’s not wired like me that way at all and I had a couple of programs that only run on Windows like my Sony SonicStage.  But now that I have dueling IPods I really don’t use my mini disc player anymore and as with a person’s closet (if you haven’t worn it in three years, toss it) it’s time to get rid of the monster tower and old tube monitor.

Every time I have started this in the past I’m foiled by my need for speed.  The old processor is sooooooo slooooooow and I am a super clicker so nothing happens then suddenly I have a million windows open.   Now that I am a Mac person I get so frustrated with all the steps involved.  I had thought that I could wipe the hard drive and use it for yet another backup but when I looked at it, it’s only 80GBs and old so not worth it so I downloaded a free program that I burned to a cd and used as a boot disc.  I had to borrow Ann’s keyboard and mouse because mine are cordless and need the drivers to work.  Ha!  Shoulda kept the original cord ones.  Who knew?

All I needed was the keyboard to type: ‘autonuke’, at the prompt and everything is being destroyed as I type, Mwah, ha, ha!!!!!

Still it is the end of an era.  Gone, never to be seen again is my Farscape screensaver, as well as my Dr. Who screensaver.   I had the original Windows game pack including games  like the original Tetris and Pipedream now to be played no more.  Hmmm, that’s all.  Not so much really as I think on it.

So today I am Destroyer of Hard Drives and I embrace my inner geek cuz she’s way cool.


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