The lure of the road

Years ago I journeyed, traipsed, trudged and battled through a New England winter wonderland to consult with a  medium who channeled a Scottish country doctor and spoke in awkward cadences about my lives, past and present.  That I battled a snow storm to get there, walking the last mile through the woods on an unploughed road in the encroaching twilight enhanced the experience, imbuing the day with a timelessness that stands out in my memory.

At this point there are those who will scoff; past lives, mediums, hunh!  That’s ok.  I’m of the mindset that it’s best not to rule anything out, cover all the bases, just in case.  How can we explain affinities for certain times, stories, cultures that aren’t our own in this narrow linear timeline we perceive?  Past lives? Maybe, or maybe that’s a convenient term for cellular memory, handed down from our biological ancestors.  Our linear time perception limits our experience.  As The Doctor(Dr. Who) says,” wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.”  We are limited by our damped down perceptions and maybe hampered by the modern parts of our brains that over-think and analyze everything and discount what we can’t perceive with the five senses we mostly use.

One of the things that Dr. Fisher (the channeled being) told me was that I was a traveler and that showed in six lifetimes living amongst nomadic tribes.  Whatever that signifies, I know that I am most productive where there is movement.  Twenty-five years in the travel industry bears witness to my  ability to function easily in a changing environment.  Being “home” feels stagnating and I function best there when I consider myself to just be passing through.  Really we are all just “passing through”and the routines we devise give an illusion of permanence.

All this is in my mind because I’m off today for a week ( or a bit more) of a house painting gig in Boston.  I’ll drive to the South Shore and stay with friends and commute daily to Somerville  working seven days straight to get a house painted.  Then there might be more work if I can be away that long ( Ann is never overjoyed to be left with Murphy).

Movement energizes me and gets me out of any doldrum-like condition I get into.  Traveling gives me focus and a chance to think about what I really need to do without the distractions of all the interests and ideas I have.  I like painting.  It’s a full body workout.  I find myself in yoga poses as I roll a wall or cut in a corner and the activity allows a free flow of thoughts, dreams and ideas.

It will be hot and humid and I will be sweaty and dirty.  July is my least favourite month and lately I seem to find myself painting in Boston in July (last year too) but the money is good, the crew is fun and I laugh a lot and it reminds me of what I am meant to do: use my powers for good.  How cool is that?  So away I go with road tunes on my IPod…….. the road is my middle name………moving on……


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