Have you eaten your head of broccoli today?

the tomatoes have grown and the cages are working perfectly

Two months ago I spent a couple of days labouring to make rebar cages for the tomato plants I’d acquired and I’m here to report that this has proved to be a most excellent way to stake tomatoes.  Other than the one I’m leaning on, most are taller than I and staying well off the ground.  So far there has been just a handful of cherry tomatoes but there are a couple of romas ripening.  Soon we’ll be swimming in tomatoes (can you ever get enough out of the garden?  I think not.)  Of course, I had only intended to get seven or eight plants, so the twelve that we have will keep me hopping I think.

Meanwhile, we are in the high season for broccoli.  Yum.  This year we have a surplus of broccoli as well because is appears that the Fedco  seed packet that was labeled “Brussel sprouts” actually  contained broccoli seeds.  They look the same until they start to bear the edible bits and now Ann and I are eating a head of broccoli a day, each, to keep up.  It seems that every time I look in the fridge there are three heads.  Mostly I lightly sautee then steam in my frying pan and eat with quick fried tofu (ginger, garlic, mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves and hot peppers) but today I just put the broccoli on top of my quinoa salad and topped with dal powder (hot, crunchy, yum).

The really good part about living here in mid-coast Maine is that it is a centre for excellent local food.  The tofu, Heiwa Tofu, is made locally by my drum teacher and his wife.  And there is now excellent local yogurt, three different brands including one from Monroe, that are yummy enough to eat plain.  There are local organic growers and a great farmers’ market every week to supplement what we (Ann really is the farmer)  grow.

In our garden, peas and green beans are ready now and I can pick a yellow (summer) squash every day.  The zucchini (Ann’s fave)is also starting, and my job is to see that she stays on top of eating everything before they get so big as to require those dishes designed only to use up unwanted zucchini (zucchini bread, stuffed zuchini).  Soon everyone will be giving the tasteless things away…… why is there never a surplus of eggplant?

Well, must eat another head of broccoli…………


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