Winter Solstice

Baby Doumbek on my desk

It’s the longest night of the year and today has been dark all day.  Icy mist greeted us for the morning walk.  I won’t say early because I was out at the crack of 0930.  Murphy opted for the woods right away since he came with me yesterday to pick up my repaired snowshoes and new baby doumbek in the Farmington area and there was not a proper afternoon walk for him.

The ice sent me back inside to strap on my cleats, spiky chains on super strong rubber that go on my boots, because even the gravel driveway was a thin sheet of ice and the leaves on the trail were coated as well.  If you don’t have to go anywhere the icy mist thing is fine, but I spared a thought and a blessing for all who had to be on the road today.  Not nice on the ice.

Ann and I do our celebrating on the solstice and usually have some kind of lamb dinner.  Tonight I cooked Lamb Osso Bucco with roasted vegetables and cherry pie (a reminder that summer is only half a year away).  My  Osso Bucco is a bit more complexly spicy than any I’ve seen on the internet.  I added some whole peppercorns and hand ground a mix of cumin, coriander, cardamon and rosemary to the usual bed of onion, garlic and carrot and added a can of roma tomatoes and some merlot.  Lamb shanks yum.  And, the resulting sauce was turned into gravy with my new immersion blender (two speed, KitchenAid) that I’d been trying to get Ann to buy for herself but she bought for me instead.  Weird how that works, but cool.

So now I listen to the rain and have frankincense and myrrh on the wood stove and Early Music on the stereo.  My plan is to stay up all night and contemplate the things to do next.  I’ve cleaned downstairs and I’m organizing internally as well as externally and this is a good time to do that.  Not making resolutions so much as intentions and directions and lists…… I do love the lists.  And the long night is a lovely time to contemplate and refine the things I do.

This has become a favourite time of year for me now that I have extricated myself from the obligatory holiday dance in which so many find themselves caught.  I try to spend some time hanging with my bro before the holidays clog the world and this time I had the great idea for Ross to come here for a few days then I would drive him back to the Vineyard and spend a few days there, making a stretch week of a visit with not too much time in either place.

I picked Ross up at the bus in Portland rather than closer to here partly because I had an appointment in Portland to get my colours analyzed.  Lately I’d realized that I didn’t have the clothes for my new life (artist, designer, hypnotherapist)and I seemed to not have a clue what I looked good wearing.  That decision was a good one since I was getting ready to sew but didn’t know exactly what to make.  Turns out I’m not a winter of any kind as I had thought; either that or I’ve morphed into a Warm Autumn and discovered that I look best in the warmest of colours and 75% of my wardrobe had to go.  Luckily I’ve been a bit bi-polar with my clothes anyway so I had some browns and greens but even my fabric stash was largely the wrong palette.  Re-vamping a wardrobe is almost as good as moving and packing.  I took a huge bag of clothes to the Monroe Mall (trailer of good stuff at the dump) and have others sorted for over-dying or selling.

What I could find in my palette to wear

So on the agenda are a couple of skirts, chocolate wool jersey and olive silk, and some jersey tops , tanks and long-sleeved tees in golden brown and rust and salmon and  then a vest or two in the palette.

There’s music to listen to, music to play, fabric to play with, words to write, computer skills to hone and a small but aesthetically pleasing studio to organize.  Life is good.  My Solstice wish is that everyone feels good being themselves and has activities that engage them.  Imagine if everyone in the world was laughing at the same time.  What a great noise this planet would be making then.  I live in hope.  Peace.


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