Last swim, probably

Today may be my last chance to swim this summer.  There have not been a lot of swimming days, mostly because I spent all the sunnyhothumid days painting the outside of the house.  After doing all that brushwork and moving ladders around, the last thing I wanted to do is more stuff with my arms.

On the positive side the house looks great and I have amazing shoulder definition.  Image

Sorry, no pics of the shoulders.  You’ll just have to take my word.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up for two September Canadian Rockies tours, leaving Wednesday to fly to Calgary.  It’s a new-to-me company from the UK that kicks it old style.  My favourite itinerary;  it says where you spend the night but otherwise the content is up to me.  As always the biggest concern is what to wear and what to pack.

I am still tweaking the fit with my newly realized understanding of my actual size.  Sometime in my past I fell in love with the concept of designer ease, which is more room in clothes that walking ease; sometimes a lot more.  Loose feels good so I liberally applied the designer ease notion to my garments with the end result being that clothes were overlarge.  I’m gradually fixing that, while re-creating a wardrobe of colours from my new palate.  Sewing has stopped for now, and organizing papers, packing all the cords and peripherals.  (This was so much easier in the days before cell phone and computers.)

So today, when the fog burns off, I head to Northern Pond with Ann and Murphy for a good swim ( is there any other kind), probably the last one here for the year because I won’t be back until early October.



One response to “Last swim, probably

  1. Swim a lap for me… see you on the west coast.. Alan

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