A very cool experiment in global community storytelling will come to an end with this year.  I happened on the3six5 haphazardly, the way many gems are discovered on the internet and had my chance to participate, yesterday, 1 November 2012.  This is my post:

“From Earth” I’ll say, when asked.  I favour The North, coastal, temperate; mountains too.  Many places feel home-like and being a traveler, I can be comfortable most anywhere, but today I can say, that I live in the spooky forest.

Leaves have mostly fallen, just a few oak and beech leaves rattle sharply in the slightest wind.  There is more light now in my studio, even on a cloudy day, and the angle of the sunlight creates long, dramatic sunsets through my west window.

The Day of the Dead is today, an apt beginning to a sepulchral month leading to the longest night.  I ought to be skulking around a long-forgotten graveyard but settle for a walk up the hill with the dog, attired in blaze orange, the signal that we are noncombatants in the deer war.  I feel like a pumpkin with legs but he looks like a buff crossing guard, ready to enforce his law.

Dreary, gloomy, melancholic, dismal, dark and somber;  words to describe November in my neck of the woods.  So I wonder why do I love this month more than any other?  Why am I so happy to be here in this spooky forest, so murky and overcast?  Maybe because November is a month of the margins; like March, my other favourite, it’s about transitions and change.  Winter is near, evident in the rime on the dead wildflowers and the longer slanting shadows cast by the sun.  Soon there will be a hint of ice in the wind and one day soon, the first magical flakes of snow will drift down.

Transitions and margins are interesting, not easy; but easy wasn’t on the wish list.  Fun, challenging, thought-provoking and varied, rather, and that I have in full measure.   November signals winter, a time that has for many years been my time off from work, time to play with design, time to create; abundance in a time of austerity.  This margin, I am in transition, learning to work where I live for a change.  So, as I haunt this spooky forest, I imagine marketing strategy and I play,  mirthful contrast to the stark, exterior world.



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