The mother of invention

There’s a song on continuous loop in my head: everything is broken. Well, not EVERYTHING, but enough that I’m thinking the universe is sending me a message.
It all started with my dryer. I know I take heat (!Pun!) for using one but it’s a useful tool for sewing. I have to pre-wash and shrink fabric all the time and that needs a dryer. Besides, towels are softer and jersey clothes have more spring (life) when dried. So when the dryer stopped drying(no heat) I borrowed an ohm/volt meter from a friend, diagnosed and fixed the problem.
Several loads worked well but now the machine doesn’t go on but the element heats. I had to unplug to turn it off. So I’ll have to pull the back off again and hope it’s not the motor.

Then, as part of he next stage of the organizing of the studio saga, I decided to buy a table for cutting out. To make room I rearranged some furniture and decided to put the rest of my music on my Macbook Pro, and the cd shelf unit will be more studio storage.
While moving some of he cd’s, I accidentally knocked out the express card that linked my backup drive and my Time Machine drive. I plugged back in, was warned the backup needed repair, but I was unable to reformat or repartition because it wouldn’t unmount. The Time Machine drive did one update then the computer couldn’t see it no matter what I did.
Then my computer lost contact with my local network. I backed up with another hd then I figured out that I still had internet because I could access from my iPod.
Fortunate that I have an iPod to do some research and fortunate that there is now a great Mac dude in Belfast. I brought him my MBP and both external drives. My guess is I need a new airport card, one drive is trash and the other might be ok.
I’s very disconcerting to be without my computer. It has forced me to figure out other ways to do what I want. Hence this post. I discovered a WordPress app and I’m giving it a test drive. So far not so bad. I’m limited with the images I have on this iPod. What a lack of foresight on my part. Typing with two thumbs is tedious but i don’t think my spelling is too much worse than my usual dyslexic all-the-letters-there-but-not-in-order method. Thimbing maked a lot of adjacwnt mistakes. See?

So the bonus is that I figured out how to blog from my iPod. It’s not as easy and missing some of the features I’m used to. Still, it’s a cheap if tiny alternative to a backup computer or even a tablet. I’m rethinking my backup strategy and researching the options. And I can stream tiny Netfix. How cool is that?
So tomorrow I’ll figure out the dryer so I can return the borrowed meter. Sometime I’ll head for the town hall to cast my vote. I’m wishing that there could be serious voter/ election reform (i like the Australian way: everyone has to vote, it’s a holiday and they vote preferences ), and I’m hoping that this time Maine votes to allow everyone to marry. In my perfect, dream world everyone would vote for the good of the planet first which would put the Green platform foremost. Remember the amphibians!



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