“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”  Oscar Wilde


Artist, musician, clothing designer, traveller, whimsy-master, Lynn Swiriduk has spent her life marching to her own drummer.  In fact, in high school in Massachusetts she discovered that the only time she was able to march in step with the rest of the school marching band was when she set the pace as the bass drummer, sometimes lively and sometimes more relaxed.

Lynn has experienced an eclectic work history including bank teller, housekeeper at a nursing home, factory worker and stock-person, scrimshaw artist, cook and deck-hand on an off-shore fishing boat, and landscape construction worker.  In each she discovered what was most fun, learning new skills and  moving on  when things got routine.


Being a master re-framer, having the ability to find the best in a situation, was essential when Lynn sustained a debilitating back injury while working as a landscape construction worker in California.  Three months of lying around was a chance to read LOTS of science fiction and fantasy and the re-training, courtesy of workman’s compensation, led to  a twenty-four year career as a tour director and manager.  Tour managing  bus and inter-modal tours in locations from New Zealand to New England, Alaska to Guatemala and places in-between spoiled Lynn for a real job.  With nearly daily movement, entirely new clients and problems to solve every week, and  new things to learn coupled with large chunks of off-season time, Tour Directing has an almost irresistible lure.  In fact, Lynn has several times fallen off the twelve-step program and occasionally free-lances.


While working as a tour director, Lynn moved from California to Seattle then British Columbia, married, divorced,  then spent a year crying in therapy (being half Russian is good for that because they are very happy when miserable; so, happy all the time).  Fortune-favoured again, the breast cancer diagnosis came after the year of therapy, which provided a deeper toolbox for negotiating the cancer dance.


These days Lynn is fourteen years beyond the breast cancer  diagnosis and lives generally in Maine at a friend’s acreage in the woods with a large dog, Murphy  and Mozart, a cat who would rather be a dog.  She maintains a Canadian presence in Ontario.  There is decided wearing of the roads between the two places via Hardwick, Vermont, the favoured half-way spot.   Days are filled with designing clothes for the asymmetrical figure, playing with gadgets, and  endlessly organizing the smallish studio while envisioning a soaring loft-like space.  Recently Lynn became a Certified Hypnotherapist and is pledged to use her powers for good only, thus lightening the karmic load.


Discerning persons have found myriad reasons for appropriately valuing Lynn Swiriduk’s abilities.  Garments of a style and colour to enhance individual form can be difficult to find for those  without an off-the-rack figure, and many have luxuriated in one-of-a-kind garments bearing her Duchess Dreams This label.  For others a garment stained, ripped or badly-styled can, when delivered to Lynn’s inventive hands be transformed into something far better than the original.  With a style of her own, Lynn has perfected the layered effect creating comfortable clothes that feel good while looking good.  Now with hypnotherapy in her toolbox she can help a person to feel good on the inside while looking good on the outside.  Feeling good, looking good, you are excellent.


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